My unemployment diary: second week of July

Monday, July 6

So, the first Monday of unemployment starts: Remember? I resigned last Tuesday.

I have an interview on Tuesday for a tech firm so I wanted to make sure that I have the right information about the company: Googled and Navered all news reports of the past 18 months and it was a lot!

That consumed my whole day except for the 1.5 hours spent at the gym. From tomorrow I will try some running, but not today. Don’t want to be too tired for an important event.

The thing is that I am not 100% sure whether I really really want this job but will try my best. Just had pot noodle in the room. Didn’t go out. But had about 3 hours of nap. That was…. really really good.

Tuesday, July 7

So, I made some SWOT chart about the company’s communications strategy. There is some great potential in the firm, something a lot more than I had expected! So my curiosity level soared.

Didn’t go to the gym today because I didn’t want to doze or yawn during the interview.

The company was in a quite convenient spot. It wasn’t too close to where I live, but was closer than any other companies that I had worked at, so that is a huge bonus point.

Right before the interview, as I was waiting for the lift, I thought I saw an illusion of the team leader at HC. I was petrified! Had I ever thought of him in my entire life? No. But why now? Am I hallucinating because I regret leaving HC? It was a question that would have dangled for a long time.

Three judges presided the interview. One will be my direct boss, another was a HR representative and the other was a corporate culture diagnosis personnel. We talked about my past career, and I mentioned something about HC when the HR leader told me that the HC CEO is right now in the building. What are the odds? So the man I saw a few minutes earlier is that the REAL MAN? I am relieved. at least I am not seeing ghosts.

The interview went fairly well until the man who could be my boss said, “I really really like you but the problem is that you are in the same age as the person in the team. Considering your career of course you outrank him but I am not sure whether that would not hurt the team dynamic.” The HR leader agreed saying, “If this goes wrong, please keep in mind that it is nothing about you, but is about our structural issue.”

What The Fuck? I wrote down my birthday even though I thought it sucked. But they just called me in for the sake of curiosity? What kind of fuck is that?

After the interview wrapped I called Seeun and discussed this shitty situation. She agreed that it sucked. I called my recruiter and explained. And another astonishing thing happened. She said she would ask because she wants to make sure that she brings them better suiting persons next time. That was extremely rude. Very rude.

I was really, really upset.

Wednesday, July 8

Because of the shitty interview, I felt a little desperate. I couldn’t sleep well last night.

An NGO that I applied for, for energy-related communication consultant, called up and explained about the job and wanted to make sure whether I am in it. I said I am but the HR person explained that the base salary would be 1/4 of what I had in the previous job.

Yes, the money is not a big problem. But when everything goes south, I will probably need that money desperately and will regret. They said they are planing for an interview on Wednesday. I said I will look at some information and will get back to them by Monday.

I also finished applying for another governmental job. Went to the post office, bought cheques and others, then calling them up and everything was a bit complicated. Bureaucracy should be stemmed, I thought.

Met up a friend from HC. She will be staying at the hotel for the night. We had dinner and we chatted about the latest issues hanging around us. We talked about a number things, from where we should start our careers to making friends at work. I told her that I am happy to have met her as a friend. She said likewise. I was a little happy.

Thursday, July 9

Had a phone interview with a governmental department overseas. They said they liked me but the place that is stationed was a bit rough and the Covid19 is still lingering, elevating some risks- They were nice but was trying to be realistic. They said they have to report to the Korean office ASAP and wanted to know whether I am in or no. I wrote back declining the opportunity – the job is very attractive but I am not going to risk my life for it – Would have been good on my resume, though.

Was a bit let down. I applied for a job at a FinTech company: a P2P lending site. About two hours later the HR guy called up and said he really wanted to explain about the job, whether I fit into the role before he reports the management about me. I explained a little about me and he said he finds me really suitable. He said he will make the report and get back to me ASAP.

The governmental office called up: The HR lady said there are some imperfection in my resume and said that I might not pass the initial screening. I said I understand.

It was a mixed day of shits and goods.

I tried to run a little on treadmill but it wasn’t easy. Maybe I am losing my senses for running or I just suck at running now. I don’t know. I haven’t read a single page of book this week. I think this reflects my mentality.

Friday, July 10

My dinner planned with the S company was postponed. I am glad. Don’t really thing I ever want to see them again – no hard feelings for these people, but I just don’t like the company in general.

The governmental department called up again and asked a lot of questions. She said she wanted to find the evidence of my work on the internet but said she couldn’t find any. Of course, private companies do not hang their projects with open names. Only C-levels do that! She said she understands but the standard procedures may hinder me from getting the real deal.

I wondered why she keeps calling me and telling me about the shortcomings knowing that there is nothing I can do about it. It is also very offensive. Then it struck my mind that she is trying to avert complaints. Wow. Bureaucracy has it the right level.

Watched a movie: Bombshell with a bunch of great actresses. It was good. A guidebook of what women should do when such circumstances happen to themselves. After that, went to a comic book cafe and read comic books for about an hour. Was good. I liked it a lot. Should come more often, I thought.

The FinTech company called. We set the interview for July 20. I think that is appropriate.

So another week wrapped. This week was more of confusion and frustration rather than detoxication. Maybe is it because this it the second week. I don’t know. I want to put aside such self-refection till next week. Next week.