The virtue of “Angel has fallen’

1131On a rugged Friday evening, after cancelling my trip to Busan just because I didn’t want to torture myself with coldness and rain, I booked a ticket to the movies: Angel Has Fallen.

I have probably seen the other film by Gerard Butler with a similar name. Please excuse me if I am wrong. There is another one with Channing Tatum, anyway.

So I went to the theatre without even checking the plot.

During the commercial hours I googled the film to find out the low Rotten Tomato and others. I assumed already. It is never an Oscar thing.

But when I was watching the movie, the film turned out to be quite pleasant to watch. For two hours, I just followed the simple storyline – I mean I was able to guess the real villain the moment I saw the person and nothing was beyond imagination – and all the explosion, the anger, the heat….

It just took away a slice of the stress caused during the week.

It is the movie critics’ job to search for a great message, the raison d’etre of a film. But some times, give us a break. There are needs for people to just relax, forget about a week of stress, just laugh and do nothing but watch, without boredom.

When leaving the threatre, I began to think that the film resembles President Trump. Not a scholar or anyone grand, but someone who takes stress out of people. Of course in real life, president should have more virtue and qualities than just gunning, yelling and screaming without a mission, but for now, let’s leave Angel has Fallen to a more generous place. It saved my Friday night at least.

Kudos for that.

(The image was taken from the official site. Hope this isn’t a problem.)

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